131013 EXO Kris Dream Team Recording - Practice (feat. Tao and Tasty)

Please link back to this video or credit crystalheng@livejournal if making GIFs. Do not re-upload. I did not get lost on my way to Bucheon, skip lunch to have only song pyeon, chocolate-covered sunflower seeds and a drink, and stand for hours in the sun and chilly wind till my legs couldn’t walk properly to be not credited.

Uploading this 2 weeks late because I barely had any time since returning from Korea.

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MC Ok Taecyeon: King of fanservice

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20100221 SBS Family Outing 2 EP01

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  • Teen Girl Problems:
  • I think my boyfriends cheating on me
  • OMG she called me a bitch
  • What skirt do I wear to the party?
  • Who Should I grind with?
  • My bestie just kissed my ex
  • i broke a nail
  • My Problems:
  • My Movie won't load
  • tumblr won't let me post my video
  • my edit is too bright
  • i can't find the right position to lay in
  • whys all my chips gone
  • im hungry
  • i want food

20100228 SBS Family Outing 2 EP02 - Bo Peep Bo Peep

  • Why Normal Girls Cry: Boyfriends, breakups, getting rejected...normal things
  • Why I cry: Fictional characters, when my OTP looks at each other, my ships, fanfiction, pictures of hot, unattainable celebrities, parts in books where characters I liked die, when I watch the movie i've been waiting for FOREVER